Shavara is a healthcare software innovator.

Shavara possesses 12+ years expertise with laser-focus in coding and billing for Radiation Oncology.

Codepath™ is the result of Shavara harvesting intellectual property to address and improve revenue cycle efficiency.


  • Individuals present for care.
  • A treatment plan is contemplated.

Physicians use a treatment care plan to map a course of care to treat the condition. Often, treatment care plans are lengthy and require 10, 20 and sometimes 40 patient visits. Office staff need to manage the course of care to ensure the treatment care plan is accurately fulfilled. The billing team requires precise information to ensure all encounters and all codes are captured and accurately billed. A practice may have multiple users requiring access to treatment care plans. The patient requires a thorough understanding of their financial responsibility.


Codepath™ provides a secure and robust platform to permit:

  • Easy, intuitive creation of treatment care plans
  • The ability to store treatment care plans
  • The ability to edit treatment care plans

*the ability to populate treatment care plans with financial reimbursement data enabling revenue forecasting, allocation of financial responsibility and early full disclosure to patient of their financial responsibility in the delivery and fulfillment of treatment plan.

*integration with host billing software enabling exchange of encounter data for creation of claims; and exchange of data with host billing software enabling update of status of completed encounters with associated billing data

*end-of-treatment reporting to permit precise care and billing audits

*in development

Physicians rely on Codepath™ treatment care plans to ensure delivery of treatment according to plan.

Billing team relies Codepath™ to ensure precise number of encounters and codes are captured for billing.

Practice management team relies on Codepath™ to audit compliance, ensure adherence to treatment plan and verify accuracy of coding and billing.

Codepath™ by Shavara

Revenue cycle management: accomplished.

Codepath™ by Shavara:

Create and store treatment care plans:

  • Apply treatment care plans as guide in the scheduling and delivery of care
  • Apply treatment care plans to ensure delivery of care
  • Apply treatment care plans to verify and track delivery of care mapped to coding and billing process
  • Apply treatment care plans to audit adherence to compliancy, care plan fulfillment and coding and billing to ensure all codes and billing captured
  • Apply treatment care plans to precisely inform patients of financial responsibility


Shavara codepath is licensed by tax ID, a site license is $1000 per year, users may create up to 300 treatment care plans included in the annual site License cost, after 300 treatment care plans the cost per treatment plan is $1.

User training will be self-taught by video on Shavara's YouTube channel.